Shadows of The Walled City

Interrogating the Plastic Faced Man

With Lee Tai Lung in your custody, you interrogated him and he showed you a video recording of him bringing Duncan to Josephine. In the video it showed Duncan ragged and tired and Josephine telling him that he needed to see the good in what they were doing. The implication being that Josephine was trying to rewrite Duncan’s memories to keep him from trying to stop Prosperity project.

You also got a complete rundown of Prosperity Tower’s security wherein you discovered that he is being held in Lab Twelve which is not on any official blueprint or schematic. you do however know that their Matrix security is based in 3 different stations. Cracking those would be key to crippling their security and finding Lab Twelve.

You also got data flags from Bull and his crew that would pinpoint the security nodes within their system. Also they had a schedule of courier deliveries so you could hijack one of their cars and steal their credentials.

Lastly Kindly Cheng asked you to find any and all incriminating evidence you can about Josephine. Some dirt she can feed to an acquaintance to help bring her down.

With a plan in hand, you set out and ran the courier off the road and stole their security credentials.


RyanSprague RyanSprague

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