Shadows of The Walled City

To Prosperity and Beyond

With security credentials in hand you made your way to Prosperity tower, parked your van in the garage across the street, and went through the front door. After stumbling and bluffing and shooting and conning your way through security, you first posed as couriers and failed to get past security on floor 26. You then got down to the Sub Basement where you broke into the Matrix Security station, killed the guards, subdued the maintenance people and got into the security terminal.

There you found this announcement about security: INTERNAL ANNOUNCEMENT

You also managed to isolate the alarm on this floor and spoof the security system to set alarms off on random floors and set intervals to confuse security and reroute their communications to other areas.

That done, you stole some maintenance crew uniforms and ID tags, took a work order you’d found in the security logs, disguised yourself and made your way back up to the Sales and Acquisitions floor. There you went into the VP of Sales’ office who seemed to recognize you as Shadowrunners and offered you a deal. He also wanted to undermine Josephine Tsang. He offered to not call security and give you access to Tsang core systems here in his office, in return he asked that you retrieve some information from him. He would make it look like you took them down by force and hacked your way in. As long as you didn’t set off any alarms, and retrieved a file labeled “FOREIGN ACCOUNTS” for him, he said you were welcome to anything else you find.

In the core system you found the following information: WALLED CITY FINANCIAL RECORDS AND FOREIGN ACCOUNTS

From there you found a very disgruntled woman in the acquisitions office. You overheard a conversation between her and another worker mentioning that she had a boyfriend in security and she could be fired if they found out she had the door code. You read her mind to find out the code. From there you tried to bluff your way past the guard, which ended with Zero opening the door, shoving the guard inside and closing the door behind you guys. At that point you had a short fight wherein you killed the guards inside and Paprika jacked into the Matrix terminal to fight through the Internal IC. While this was happening one of the guards managed to hit the alarm. Paprika managed to isolate the alarm, but the other guards on the floor came running in only to find an illusion of an empty room and the two guards sitting at the desk. You managed to make an illusion convincing enough to tell the guards it was a false alarm.

Meanwhile Paprika managed to get past the remaining IC and uncover the data from this terminal: Passcodes and Passwords Floor 26


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