Shadows of The Walled City

To Catch a Plastic Faced Man

*Plot Increases*

With a name and a direction for catching the Plastic Faced Man, you set out searching through Is0bel’s data for information on the decker who could potentially disable Lee Tai Lung’s memory wiping headware. You found that Dreamland was a Matrix pen pal of Is0bel’s, a human woman from Berlin originally who escaped to Hong Kong after the fall of the Flux State. She used to be a runner up until a year ago and now she creates and sells BTLs. You decided to contact her and arrange a meet at a Matrix hangout for shadowrunning deckers. A place called the White Rabbit.

Before you left though, you got another e-mail from Crafty Xu. Crafty’s E-mail
When you got there and met Dreamland she mentioned that she has corporate bounty hunters on her tail, meeting anyone in meatspace is dangerous and sending the info you required through the matrix is equally as dangerous. She can spoof matrix credentials, but the code you’re asking for is unique trademark of hers and would be easily identifiable. After a little cajoling, you managed to get her to agree to a meeting. She sent you a long and convoluted set of directions that had you taking three trains, several back alleys and a fire escape to bring you into a dark room with a bunch of makeshift VR headsets lined up with a marquee flashing inviting you to put them on. When three of you did, you appeared to disappear entirely from the room and reappear in a rundown apartment. There you met a pale, skittish young woman who identified herself as Dreamland and after some tense exchange she eventually gave you a taser modded with a special code that would disrupt the headware and give you time to stop the memory wipe.

With that in hand, you headed off to the information broker Xiaozhi to obtain the promised itinerary. When you arrived she mentioned that she had gotten a better offer and was unfortunately disinclined to provide you the info. Tsang apparently had offered her quite a hefty sum to get rid of you guys at which point she ran and a fight ensued wherein you narrowly avoided death while taking out all of Xiaozhi’s crew. Paprika then jacked into Xiaozhi’s computer and located the Plastic Faced Man’s itinerary. As it turned out it was info only for today’s schedule. A quick sift through the info revealed that attacking him on the move would be suicide as he is too heavily guarded in a bulletproof limo. However there were a few points of opportunity. There is a parking garage he’ll be at in an hour, it’s corp property but it’s isolated. Resistance would be heaviest here, but he would be trapped with nowhere to run and there would be the lowest possibility of collateral damage. Second is he will be visiting his mistress in a few hours. It’s a swanky apartment building. Easy getting in, but there will be a fight getting out as the apartment has a corp security contract with Knight Errant, and there’s the civilian (the mistress) in the cross fire. Lastly is a public theater he will be at tonight. Security will be low, local police only, however it is a public theater, with much higher chance of civilian casualties. You ultimately chose the mistress’ apartment as a compromise.

You managed to get in and up to the apartment, knock him out and wrestled with the mistress who turned out to be a female troll before security rapid response team showed up and nearly killed you. Hauling the unconscious Lee Tai Lung over your shoulder you then ran out the patio and a few of you climbed down Zero’s grappling rope while Reggie levitated himself down towards the waiting van below.


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