Shadows of The Walled City

No Business Like Show Business

Back in Heoi, you spent a day or so discussing and investigating the strange dreams you’ve been having. To try and follow up on some of the tips that Crafty Xu gave you, Reggie had the idea to look for the crazy people who dream about the end of the world and ask them what they know. This yielded predictable results, although you did come across a homeless woman in the Whampoan gardens who mentioned that her and her brother used to live in the Walled City and had terrible dreams about monsters with rows and rows of teeth and that sometimes the things that happened in the dreams happened to her in real life, like losing teeth and hair.

While this happened, Auntie Cheng left you an e-mail which said that an old friend of hers had a job for you and you were to meet him at the parlor the next day as he wanted to see you in person and size you up. She meanwhile had business outside Heoi and said she was going to be gone for a couple days.

You met with a balding, chubby dwarf in a cheap suit wearing fake gold chain who introduced himself as Dr. Shengyang. He mentioned he runs a film company called Southern Crown films and he is in direct competition with a man known as Neville Ma who runs Yellow Springs studios. He told you that Ma was recently in a car crash that should have had him in the hospital for months, but he was out in a week. That kind of medical care is insanely expensive and Neville shouldn’t have been able to afford that. Shengyang suspects that Neville has been skimming off the top of Yellow Springs’ profits and not reporting it to shareholders. He wanted you to find proof. Security at his penthouse is tight, but luckily Neville was holding a party there to celebrate the second season of his hit show “Promises in Moonlight” which will likely cause a snag for building security.

With that, Shengyang asked you to get into Neville’s Penthouse, find any evidence he can use to blackmail Neville and bring it back. He suggested you might also try crashing the party if you can get in, as there will be a lot of Neville’s inner circle there and they will all be pretty smashed. He also offered you a bonus if you can get Neville’s star Penelope Wong, out of her contract.

After acquiring some appropriate formal attire you made your way to the rich neighborhood of Hong Kong to go to the party. You managed to get past the front desk pretty easily. Through a little hacking and trickery you managed to get yourselves invitations to the party as well and so Reggie and Loki went out onto the patio to talk to the guests and to Neville, while the rest of the party made their way up to Neville’s penthouse. Down at the party Reggie and Loki managed to fumble and magick their way into obtaining some keys from Neville and Penelope, which Paprika and the rest of the crew used to get into Neville’s penthouse. Once inside the penthouse, the upstairs crew stole a couple bottles of red wine from his liquor cabinet. They also noticed that it was very cold in this penthouse. More importantly they noticed that inside the apartment, the bedroom door had had some renovations, fairly recent renovations that included a massive steel reinforced security door with RFID reader. After getting the tag lifted from Neville downstairs, they got into his bedroom, and raided his matrix terminal which was not even password protected. There they found that Neville was exchanging a lot of e-mails with someone named Ku Feng. He apparently is lavishing her with gifts, professions of love, and poorly written poetry. His hospital records also indicate he paid almost nothing and was out of the hospital within 3 days.

Moving further in to the office, the temperature dropped to near freezing and a rolling cloud of mist flowed into the room, which coalesced into the forms of about a dozen humanoid figures, the apparent leader of which was a very pale woman with red eyes, black hair and wearing black leather. She told you her name was Ku Feng and she and her minions had been watching you since you came in and started snooping through Neville’s affairs. She believed you intended to harm Neville. She said since you had seen her face she couldn’t risk you getting away, and would have to make you her thralls. However neither she nor you wanted to attract police attention with a fight here so she invited you up to the roof to settle this. After a brief argument, you agreed. And after an awkward elevator ride up to the roof, you had your showdown. Despite some serious injuries sustained, you managed to subdue her (who you had determined by this point was a vampire). She had taken quite a beating when she threw up her hands and surrendered.

At this point she told you she was just an accountant who got drunk and passed out in an alley once and woke up like this. She didn’t know how to fight and never went to vampire school. She said the whole mistress of the night thing was an act and she was hoping to scare you into surrendering. You determined she was being sincere. She said she found Neville in the hospital while she was trolling for a snack and Neville eagerly agreed to become her thrall, thus gaining the vampire’s regenerative abilities. Now the two of them have a working relationship. You decided to let her go, but after Gobbet prodded you a bit by reminding you that Neville was this vampire’s thrall, you told her to make Neville fire Penelope Wong. She agreed and you parted ways, making your way out of the party and back to Heoi.

Upon returning to Heoi and claiming your pay from Dr. Shengyang, you got a message from Kindly informing you that she had returned and had some great news and to meet her in the parlor. It was there that Kindly informed you that she had cashed in a few favors and met with an information broker and managed to determine the identity of the Plastic Faced Man, the man who had killed Duncan Wu, now known to be Edward Tsang, and who had caused the death of Gutshot and Is0bel. His name is Lee Tai-Lung. He’s an independent contractor. A trusted deniable asset who handles Josephenie Tsang’s more delicate matters. He’s her shadowy right hand outside the corps.

Kindly has also managed to get the Plastic Faced Man’s entire itinerary. Where he’s going to be, who he’ll be with, when, and what sort of security he has, the works. All the info needed to plan an extraction. However, Kindly mentioned there was a snag. Tai-Lung has designed himself to be the perfect corporate asset. He has a special piece of headware that compartmentalizes client’s job related memories. If it detects that he has been captured it will wipe those memories and he will be useless. So before you can grab him and beat the info out of him, you’ll need to find a way to neutralize this gear.

Gobbet mentioned she might know a way. She remembered Is0bel mentioning having met with someone in the matrix once who had to shirk a similar memory wiping implant. It was a requirement for a big job. Her handle was “Dreamland”. Is0bel knew where to find her, Gobbet reckons you can go through her records to figure out how to find Dreamland and go from there.


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