Shadows of The Walled City

Helping the Whistleblower - Part 2

(Sorry for the late update on this)

After assessing the situation you decided that clearing out the deck of its remaining inhabitants was the most efficient course of action. To that effect, you set up an ambush and in the ensuing firefight, the remaining guards on the ship’s deck were dispatched with only a few casualties on your part. You made it back to the lab where you discovered dozens of cooling tanks and a monstrosity of deformed flesh floating in a vat. The thing looked like it may have once been humanoid but its face and much of its body were covered in tumorous growths. The one eye you could see watched you as you fiddled with the lab controls and matrix terminal. There you discovered that the project they were working on here appeared to have something to do with artificially creating meta humans, specifically those with a connection to magic. After downloading the research notes and grabbing a tissue sample, you called the number you were given.

A stern, businesslike elf greeted you, identifying himself as Tigath. He advised you that he wouldn’t be able to complete the job as originally intended, that he had picked up a tail. The SeoulPas (Korean mafia and enforcers of the Eastern Tiger). had been following him. He said he would have to shake the tail and meet you in a new location to do the transfer. You begrudgingly agreed. Afterwards you got a call on your commlink from a man claiming to be a leader of a SeoulPas gang. He said he had Tigath’s commlink hacked, heard all of that conversation and offered you a different deal. He told you Tigath was lying to you, that he was actually an agent of Tir Tairngire (Irish intelligence/spy network) and that he was planning to kill you once you turned everything over. He said that Tigath had offered this job to a couple other crews before who similarly failed. Thus why the project was being moved. He offered to pay you to give the data and samples to him and help him take out Tigath. You ultimately agreed.

You traveled to the meeting spot where you hacked into the street cameras and saw video of Tigath talking to some hired mercs on his commlink. Apparently he had paid a hefty sum for some elite mercs and it did seem apparent that he was intent on taking you out. When you met with him and confronted him, negotiations went poorly and a firefight ensued wherein despite some heavy injuries, you managed to defeat them.

Your contact in the Seoulpas wired your payment to Kindly Cheng, the transfer was completed and you were on your way home back to Heoi.


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