Shadows of The Walled City

Prosperity Tower - Thaumaturgical Research Lab

With 2 of the 3 elevator codes you needed, you made your way up to the 48th floor to the Thaumaturgical Research Lab. When you got there the security stopped you before you could pass. At first it seemed like they were going to let you go, but when you gave them your stolen credentials they mentioned that these credentials had just been reported as stolen. It seemed someone had found the couriers you’d geeked.

A firefight ensued and you managed to mop up the floor’s security without too much trouble and Paprika even managed to get to the Matrix Security and shut off the alarms before they spread to the whole building.

To Prosperity and Beyond

With security credentials in hand you made your way to Prosperity tower, parked your van in the garage across the street, and went through the front door. After stumbling and bluffing and shooting and conning your way through security, you first posed as couriers and failed to get past security on floor 26. You then got down to the Sub Basement where you broke into the Matrix Security station, killed the guards, subdued the maintenance people and got into the security terminal.

There you found this announcement about security: INTERNAL ANNOUNCEMENT

You also managed to isolate the alarm on this floor and spoof the security system to set alarms off on random floors and set intervals to confuse security and reroute their communications to other areas.

That done, you stole some maintenance crew uniforms and ID tags, took a work order you’d found in the security logs, disguised yourself and made your way back up to the Sales and Acquisitions floor. There you went into the VP of Sales’ office who seemed to recognize you as Shadowrunners and offered you a deal. He also wanted to undermine Josephine Tsang. He offered to not call security and give you access to Tsang core systems here in his office, in return he asked that you retrieve some information from him. He would make it look like you took them down by force and hacked your way in. As long as you didn’t set off any alarms, and retrieved a file labeled “FOREIGN ACCOUNTS” for him, he said you were welcome to anything else you find.

In the core system you found the following information: WALLED CITY FINANCIAL RECORDS AND FOREIGN ACCOUNTS

From there you found a very disgruntled woman in the acquisitions office. You overheard a conversation between her and another worker mentioning that she had a boyfriend in security and she could be fired if they found out she had the door code. You read her mind to find out the code. From there you tried to bluff your way past the guard, which ended with Zero opening the door, shoving the guard inside and closing the door behind you guys. At that point you had a short fight wherein you killed the guards inside and Paprika jacked into the Matrix terminal to fight through the Internal IC. While this was happening one of the guards managed to hit the alarm. Paprika managed to isolate the alarm, but the other guards on the floor came running in only to find an illusion of an empty room and the two guards sitting at the desk. You managed to make an illusion convincing enough to tell the guards it was a false alarm.

Meanwhile Paprika managed to get past the remaining IC and uncover the data from this terminal: Passcodes and Passwords Floor 26

Interrogating the Plastic Faced Man

With Lee Tai Lung in your custody, you interrogated him and he showed you a video recording of him bringing Duncan to Josephine. In the video it showed Duncan ragged and tired and Josephine telling him that he needed to see the good in what they were doing. The implication being that Josephine was trying to rewrite Duncan’s memories to keep him from trying to stop Prosperity project.

You also got a complete rundown of Prosperity Tower’s security wherein you discovered that he is being held in Lab Twelve which is not on any official blueprint or schematic. you do however know that their Matrix security is based in 3 different stations. Cracking those would be key to crippling their security and finding Lab Twelve.

You also got data flags from Bull and his crew that would pinpoint the security nodes within their system. Also they had a schedule of courier deliveries so you could hijack one of their cars and steal their credentials.

Lastly Kindly Cheng asked you to find any and all incriminating evidence you can about Josephine. Some dirt she can feed to an acquaintance to help bring her down.

With a plan in hand, you set out and ran the courier off the road and stole their security credentials.

To Catch a Plastic Faced Man
*Plot Increases*

With a name and a direction for catching the Plastic Faced Man, you set out searching through Is0bel’s data for information on the decker who could potentially disable Lee Tai Lung’s memory wiping headware. You found that Dreamland was a Matrix pen pal of Is0bel’s, a human woman from Berlin originally who escaped to Hong Kong after the fall of the Flux State. She used to be a runner up until a year ago and now she creates and sells BTLs. You decided to contact her and arrange a meet at a Matrix hangout for shadowrunning deckers. A place called the White Rabbit.

Before you left though, you got another e-mail from Crafty Xu. Crafty’s E-mail
When you got there and met Dreamland she mentioned that she has corporate bounty hunters on her tail, meeting anyone in meatspace is dangerous and sending the info you required through the matrix is equally as dangerous. She can spoof matrix credentials, but the code you’re asking for is unique trademark of hers and would be easily identifiable. After a little cajoling, you managed to get her to agree to a meeting. She sent you a long and convoluted set of directions that had you taking three trains, several back alleys and a fire escape to bring you into a dark room with a bunch of makeshift VR headsets lined up with a marquee flashing inviting you to put them on. When three of you did, you appeared to disappear entirely from the room and reappear in a rundown apartment. There you met a pale, skittish young woman who identified herself as Dreamland and after some tense exchange she eventually gave you a taser modded with a special code that would disrupt the headware and give you time to stop the memory wipe.

With that in hand, you headed off to the information broker Xiaozhi to obtain the promised itinerary. When you arrived she mentioned that she had gotten a better offer and was unfortunately disinclined to provide you the info. Tsang apparently had offered her quite a hefty sum to get rid of you guys at which point she ran and a fight ensued wherein you narrowly avoided death while taking out all of Xiaozhi’s crew. Paprika then jacked into Xiaozhi’s computer and located the Plastic Faced Man’s itinerary. As it turned out it was info only for today’s schedule. A quick sift through the info revealed that attacking him on the move would be suicide as he is too heavily guarded in a bulletproof limo. However there were a few points of opportunity. There is a parking garage he’ll be at in an hour, it’s corp property but it’s isolated. Resistance would be heaviest here, but he would be trapped with nowhere to run and there would be the lowest possibility of collateral damage. Second is he will be visiting his mistress in a few hours. It’s a swanky apartment building. Easy getting in, but there will be a fight getting out as the apartment has a corp security contract with Knight Errant, and there’s the civilian (the mistress) in the cross fire. Lastly is a public theater he will be at tonight. Security will be low, local police only, however it is a public theater, with much higher chance of civilian casualties. You ultimately chose the mistress’ apartment as a compromise.

You managed to get in and up to the apartment, knock him out and wrestled with the mistress who turned out to be a female troll before security rapid response team showed up and nearly killed you. Hauling the unconscious Lee Tai Lung over your shoulder you then ran out the patio and a few of you climbed down Zero’s grappling rope while Reggie levitated himself down towards the waiting van below.

No Business Like Show Business

Back in Heoi, you spent a day or so discussing and investigating the strange dreams you’ve been having. To try and follow up on some of the tips that Crafty Xu gave you, Reggie had the idea to look for the crazy people who dream about the end of the world and ask them what they know. This yielded predictable results, although you did come across a homeless woman in the Whampoan gardens who mentioned that her and her brother used to live in the Walled City and had terrible dreams about monsters with rows and rows of teeth and that sometimes the things that happened in the dreams happened to her in real life, like losing teeth and hair.

While this happened, Auntie Cheng left you an e-mail which said that an old friend of hers had a job for you and you were to meet him at the parlor the next day as he wanted to see you in person and size you up. She meanwhile had business outside Heoi and said she was going to be gone for a couple days.

You met with a balding, chubby dwarf in a cheap suit wearing fake gold chain who introduced himself as Dr. Shengyang. He mentioned he runs a film company called Southern Crown films and he is in direct competition with a man known as Neville Ma who runs Yellow Springs studios. He told you that Ma was recently in a car crash that should have had him in the hospital for months, but he was out in a week. That kind of medical care is insanely expensive and Neville shouldn’t have been able to afford that. Shengyang suspects that Neville has been skimming off the top of Yellow Springs’ profits and not reporting it to shareholders. He wanted you to find proof. Security at his penthouse is tight, but luckily Neville was holding a party there to celebrate the second season of his hit show “Promises in Moonlight” which will likely cause a snag for building security.

With that, Shengyang asked you to get into Neville’s Penthouse, find any evidence he can use to blackmail Neville and bring it back. He suggested you might also try crashing the party if you can get in, as there will be a lot of Neville’s inner circle there and they will all be pretty smashed. He also offered you a bonus if you can get Neville’s star Penelope Wong, out of her contract.

After acquiring some appropriate formal attire you made your way to the rich neighborhood of Hong Kong to go to the party. You managed to get past the front desk pretty easily. Through a little hacking and trickery you managed to get yourselves invitations to the party as well and so Reggie and Loki went out onto the patio to talk to the guests and to Neville, while the rest of the party made their way up to Neville’s penthouse. Down at the party Reggie and Loki managed to fumble and magick their way into obtaining some keys from Neville and Penelope, which Paprika and the rest of the crew used to get into Neville’s penthouse. Once inside the penthouse, the upstairs crew stole a couple bottles of red wine from his liquor cabinet. They also noticed that it was very cold in this penthouse. More importantly they noticed that inside the apartment, the bedroom door had had some renovations, fairly recent renovations that included a massive steel reinforced security door with RFID reader. After getting the tag lifted from Neville downstairs, they got into his bedroom, and raided his matrix terminal which was not even password protected. There they found that Neville was exchanging a lot of e-mails with someone named Ku Feng. He apparently is lavishing her with gifts, professions of love, and poorly written poetry. His hospital records also indicate he paid almost nothing and was out of the hospital within 3 days.

Moving further in to the office, the temperature dropped to near freezing and a rolling cloud of mist flowed into the room, which coalesced into the forms of about a dozen humanoid figures, the apparent leader of which was a very pale woman with red eyes, black hair and wearing black leather. She told you her name was Ku Feng and she and her minions had been watching you since you came in and started snooping through Neville’s affairs. She believed you intended to harm Neville. She said since you had seen her face she couldn’t risk you getting away, and would have to make you her thralls. However neither she nor you wanted to attract police attention with a fight here so she invited you up to the roof to settle this. After a brief argument, you agreed. And after an awkward elevator ride up to the roof, you had your showdown. Despite some serious injuries sustained, you managed to subdue her (who you had determined by this point was a vampire). She had taken quite a beating when she threw up her hands and surrendered.

At this point she told you she was just an accountant who got drunk and passed out in an alley once and woke up like this. She didn’t know how to fight and never went to vampire school. She said the whole mistress of the night thing was an act and she was hoping to scare you into surrendering. You determined she was being sincere. She said she found Neville in the hospital while she was trolling for a snack and Neville eagerly agreed to become her thrall, thus gaining the vampire’s regenerative abilities. Now the two of them have a working relationship. You decided to let her go, but after Gobbet prodded you a bit by reminding you that Neville was this vampire’s thrall, you told her to make Neville fire Penelope Wong. She agreed and you parted ways, making your way out of the party and back to Heoi.

Upon returning to Heoi and claiming your pay from Dr. Shengyang, you got a message from Kindly informing you that she had returned and had some great news and to meet her in the parlor. It was there that Kindly informed you that she had cashed in a few favors and met with an information broker and managed to determine the identity of the Plastic Faced Man, the man who had killed Duncan Wu, now known to be Edward Tsang, and who had caused the death of Gutshot and Is0bel. His name is Lee Tai-Lung. He’s an independent contractor. A trusted deniable asset who handles Josephenie Tsang’s more delicate matters. He’s her shadowy right hand outside the corps.

Kindly has also managed to get the Plastic Faced Man’s entire itinerary. Where he’s going to be, who he’ll be with, when, and what sort of security he has, the works. All the info needed to plan an extraction. However, Kindly mentioned there was a snag. Tai-Lung has designed himself to be the perfect corporate asset. He has a special piece of headware that compartmentalizes client’s job related memories. If it detects that he has been captured it will wipe those memories and he will be useless. So before you can grab him and beat the info out of him, you’ll need to find a way to neutralize this gear.

Gobbet mentioned she might know a way. She remembered Is0bel mentioning having met with someone in the matrix once who had to shirk a similar memory wiping implant. It was a requirement for a big job. Her handle was “Dreamland”. Is0bel knew where to find her, Gobbet reckons you can go through her records to figure out how to find Dreamland and go from there.

Helping the Whistleblower - Part 2

(Sorry for the late update on this)

After assessing the situation you decided that clearing out the deck of its remaining inhabitants was the most efficient course of action. To that effect, you set up an ambush and in the ensuing firefight, the remaining guards on the ship’s deck were dispatched with only a few casualties on your part. You made it back to the lab where you discovered dozens of cooling tanks and a monstrosity of deformed flesh floating in a vat. The thing looked like it may have once been humanoid but its face and much of its body were covered in tumorous growths. The one eye you could see watched you as you fiddled with the lab controls and matrix terminal. There you discovered that the project they were working on here appeared to have something to do with artificially creating meta humans, specifically those with a connection to magic. After downloading the research notes and grabbing a tissue sample, you called the number you were given.

A stern, businesslike elf greeted you, identifying himself as Tigath. He advised you that he wouldn’t be able to complete the job as originally intended, that he had picked up a tail. The SeoulPas (Korean mafia and enforcers of the Eastern Tiger). had been following him. He said he would have to shake the tail and meet you in a new location to do the transfer. You begrudgingly agreed. Afterwards you got a call on your commlink from a man claiming to be a leader of a SeoulPas gang. He said he had Tigath’s commlink hacked, heard all of that conversation and offered you a different deal. He told you Tigath was lying to you, that he was actually an agent of Tir Tairngire (Irish intelligence/spy network) and that he was planning to kill you once you turned everything over. He said that Tigath had offered this job to a couple other crews before who similarly failed. Thus why the project was being moved. He offered to pay you to give the data and samples to him and help him take out Tigath. You ultimately agreed.

You traveled to the meeting spot where you hacked into the street cameras and saw video of Tigath talking to some hired mercs on his commlink. Apparently he had paid a hefty sum for some elite mercs and it did seem apparent that he was intent on taking you out. When you met with him and confronted him, negotiations went poorly and a firefight ensued wherein despite some heavy injuries, you managed to defeat them.

Your contact in the Seoulpas wired your payment to Kindly Cheng, the transfer was completed and you were on your way home back to Heoi.

Helping the Whistleblower - Part 1

(apologies for the late update)

After meeting with Crafty and perusing her mother’s notes, you concluded, much as Crafty did, that her mother was batshit crazy. Any useful information contained in her notes would require further substantiating evidence to be of any use. You spent a day or two shopping and gearing up before you decided to try and head into the Walled City to discover the haunted archway that Crafty Xu had mentioned her mother had found and which had broken her mind. Those of you not gifted in the arts of magic hunkered in the van as you drove your way through the crowded, broken streets of the City, while the mages went into the astral plane to investigate there. What you found in the astral plane was that the Walled City is so densely packed with negative Qi, that it was hard to pick out anything other than the oppressive weight of overwhelming despair. Moving through the astral plane within the Walled City was like trying to swim through inky black muddy water. You couldn’t quite pinpoint a source of all the negativity, but it seemed to be more concentrated towards the center. However, before you could further investigate, you were called back to Heoi by Kindly with another job.

Kindly has been contacted by a member of the Eastern Tiget corporation. The man’s name is Tigath Wright. Until recently he was a researcher on a genetic engineering project. He did not give a lot of details, but Kindly gathers that it centered around altering metahuman traits. It seems Wright has got a conscience, and he’s willing to pay to have his conscience assuaged. Wright’s project was apparently quite horrible -experiments on live children, total disregard for biomedical ethics or safety, and when Wright raised concerns, he was taken off the project. He’s decided to step outside the bounds of the law and expose their ‘wrongdoing’ to the world. However, his wife and child live in Seoul. He’s afraid that if he releases the information himself, they’ll be taken prisoner and used as leverage. The samples and data are currently on an Eastern Tiger cargo ship – the MV Nalchi – sailing near Hong Kong, on their way to Seoul. You were contracted to board the ship and steal the data nd the samples. Once you have them, you’re to call Wright. He’ll give you instructions on how he wants the information leaked.

And so you hopped onto Captain Jomo’s little speed boat to go play pirate. He managed to get you onto the ship, hidden mostly by the storm, where you climbed onto the top deck and systematically made your way towards the stairs, taking out guards as you went. You made your way down to the deck that the research lab is on. You surprised a couple guards eating lunch with a fireball. You hacked into the ship’s systems to set off a fire alarm on another deck as a distraction, and you’ve tapped into their cameras. That was where we left you.

Laser Heist - Conclusion

When you opened the door to the main lab and were accosted by security, you luckily managed to take them out rather quickly before they could pull any alarms. You even managed to fool the main security desk when they called to ask what the noise was from your floor. However they did indicate they were going to send someone from maintenance up to check on it.

You got into the lab and found the laser prototype. It was at this point that a massive explosion rocked the building and a wall on the other side of the glass wall leading out the back of the lab caved in and a heavily armed group of riff raff came through. You soon discovered this was another shadowrunning crew and they had gone up to Dr. Taylor’s penthouse, figuring he might keep a key to the lab there. However when they tried to use the keycard the found to get into the lab with you, it didn’t work. With alarms going off and Knight Errant on their way, you agreed to let them in in exchange for the keycard they found (which you later found went to the safe in the private lab which contained the auto repair circuits that Racter had asked you for. You held off security at the elevator until you could get the doors open and make your escape down the shaft, managing to shut off the poison gas they were filling the floor with as well.

When you got to the basement and had a minute to catch your breath, the other crew, led by a half-orc decker named Bull, told you they needed the laser. They needed the money to help get some of their friends out of the Chicago CZ. They knew you only needed the GPS and convinced you to let the laser go while you kept the GPS, with Bull offering his promise he’d return the favor for you. The group was split on what to do, until Zero took it on himself to walk away and drop a nausea grenade, at which point the massive troll with their group punched Zero out and made one last offer to hand over the laser. The rest of the group, realizing they were already somewhat beat up from the fight upstairs decided to let this go and Bull left with the laser after giving you his comm number and promising to pay you back.

You then went your separate ways as you made for the old MTR station connected to the basement. As you were about to head down the tunnel you ran into yet another shadowrunning crew, this time led by a troll who Paprika recognized as the troll from the security briefings she’d found who had tried twice, unsuccessfully, on the same day to get into the lab. He demanded the laser from you, but you eventually managed to convince him that you had given it away. He grumbled and almost looked as if he was going to shoot you anyways but then ran off in the direction of the other group.

Returning to Heoi you got your money both from Kindly and from Racter and settled in for some rest and recuperation. The next day Gobbet approached you all and advised that she had found some troubling info turned up by one of Is0bel’s data mining programs she had had searching for anything on Duncan, Josephine Tsang, or Tsang Mechanical.

What she found was this: Josephine had a vision to rebuild the Walled city to create clean, affordable housing for the poor. She called it Prosperity project. The government loved it as it kept the unwashed masses out of the public eye. Securing that contract catapulted Tsang Mechanical into the big time and eventually landed Josephine a seat on the Executive council. That’s where Edward Tsang comes in. Edward Tsang, they found, was actually the real name of Duncan Wu. Edward is the only son of Josephine and her late husband. Edward was in charge of laying the groundwork for the walled city, plumbing, excavation, sewage, utilities and the like. Paprika, Zero and Boris knew this didn’t sound right as the Duncan they knew couldn’t have even fixed a clogged toilet. Gobbet indicated that’s what he officially was in charge of. From the sounds of it the truth of his involvement was likely something else then, something they wanted to keep secret for whatever reason.

Whatever he was doing, Edward disappeared from public eye shortly after Prosperity was complete. The question now remains what would make him want to go back now after all these years?

As you mulled over all this throughout the next day and a half or so, you also got a message from Crafty Xu, the talismonger in Heoi, who came to you as it seems the nightmares in Heoi have been affecting magically sensitive people most and Crafty had been doing some digging on the source. Her mother had studied the Walled City extensively before going stark raving mad and committing suicide. With the nightmares getting stronger, Crafty has been going through her mother’s notes, she shared with you what she had found. First she mentioned an archway rumored to be haunted in the Walled City that her mother had sought to investigate. Her means of investigation was to conduct a Taoist exorcism. Whatever happened there something profounsly powerful touched her during this process and broke her. Her mind splintered and the was never the same after. The rest of her notes indicate an interest with something called Yama Kings. Any resident of Hong Kong would have heard of the name, they are boogeymen, ghost stories used to scare children. Crafty’s mother determined that the Walled City had their own set of Yama Kings different than the traditional ones.
There are three that her Mom knew of: Lam Vy, Fu Mang, and Qian Ya. Each Yama King is associated with the negative energy on which they feed: Lam Vy feeds from cowards, Fu Mang from the guilty, and Qian Ya, slaves

Crafty couldn’t make out a whole lot else as her handwriting and coherency declined considerably, but she forwarded you a copy of her mother’s notes for you to peruse. (see media library, Crafty’s Notes)

The Laser Heist - Framing the Red Dragon

We began with everyone running for the ground floor to get out of Wuxing tower after the bomb went off on the roof and security and police started to converge on the building. Through a series of running down stairs, jumping out windows and rappelling down the neighboring building, you all managed to make it to the ground floor without too much damage. Five Spice, Paprika, and Gobbet barged out of the parking garage in the armored van while everyone else made their way through the alley to the next street over. Through a series of physics-defying maneuvers in the massive van, you managed to get everyone into the moving vehicle and lose your pursuit.

Back at Heoi you turned in the job, got your money and got some rest. The next day as you sat down for breakfast, Gobbet started to ask you all about Duncan. You discussed what he was like growing up, and Gobbet described to you a very different man who had come to them for the escort into the Walled City. She told you of how he seemed broken, nervous, constantly tired as though he hardly ever slept. Always with bags under his eyes, stammering to himself. She mentioned he would often mumble nonsense about the Walled City, something about thousands of teeth and spiraling void. One phrase that came up several times was “I left Prosperity in there”. After your little chat, Kindly Cheng called you down to the Mahjong Parlor with an urgent message.

You went to the parlor to find Cheng in a good mood. She was smiling and drinking. This put everyone on edge because it’s very unlike her. She then showed you a clip of a conversation she had intercepted via the bug she got in the Special Duties Unit of the HKPF. The conversation was between the Plastic Faced man and an Inspector Krait of the HKPF Special Duties Unit. Through the conversation you learned that a woman named Josephine was responsible for calling down the hit on you and that the Plastic Faced Man was her agent. Kindly Cheng filled in the gap and advised you it was Josephine Tsang of Tsang Mechanical Services. From Cheng you learned Tsang Mechanical services was a no name company until Josephine married into the Tsang family where she fought for and won the contract to rebuild Kowloon Walled City. Their fortunes rose high and Josephine landed a spot on the Executive Council. She’s not sure what the connection is, but she doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that after Duncan wanted to hire Shadowrunners to get into the Walled City, that the woman in charge of building the thing is trying to eliminate Duncan and everyone tied to him. Cheng mentioned that she has a personal grudge against Josephine but declined to elaborate. She also mentioned that unfortunately Josephine was untouchable right now, but the Plastic Face Man is not. He is going to be your next target. She is going to keep looking for info on this man now.

Afterwards Gobbet filled in a few of the blanks for you regarding Auntie Cheng’s personal grudge. She told you that the Yellow Lotus has always acted as tax collectors within the Walled City, so Cheng and Josephine must have had a business relationship. Cheng had a plan to cut out the squabbled between the various factions in the Walled City and consolidate power. She brought the plan to Josephine and they ran with it. Both women had to jump through a lot of hoops and if it worked, Cheng was on track to be the next 438, which is a big deal in the Yellow Lotus. Josephine went behind Cheng’s back though and brought the plan to Cheng’s boss Wong Lun Fat. The two then cut Cheng out of her own plan. Gobbet suspects that Josephine feared Cheng, whereas Wong Lun Fat was more of a pushover.

After some shopping and down time you received both a new job and a new recruit to the team. Red Tail, a street samurai on loan from the Yakuza, currently working for the Yellow Lotus as part of a business arrangement. Cheng assigned to your team. You received your next job which was one of your biggest yet. You were hired to steal a laser prototype from Ares Asia Holdings, and frame the Red Dragon triad for its theft. You were to infiltrate the building, plant data in the visitor logs, the lab security cameras and Dr. Taylor’s personal terminal that would show faked visitor logs of Golden Fong (the Red Dragon boss you’re framing) having made several visits, as well as faked security footage to show him in Dr. Taylor’s lab, and forged financial data in Dr. Taylor’s personal terminal to make it seem as though Fong has been bribing Ares for data, the deal went south and that Fong lashed out in retaliation. Ultimately your employer doesn’t care what you do with the laser as all they need is the GPS tracker that’s within it as that will be planted deep in Red Dragon territory. While you were leaving for the job, you also were contacted by Racter, the Russian who lives down in the lower levels of the tanker you live on. He asked you to recover a stolen piece of tech that he alleges his former colleagues Dr. Taylor and Hardingham, stole and fled to Hong Kong with. He described them as auto-repair circuits for drones. You agreed on a final price of 4000 nuyen per person for completing this job for him.

You made it to the building, finagled your way past the front desk, but were then stopped and told you needed an escort to take you upstairs. While perusing the visitor area you plugged the data into the visitor terminals, and Paprika hacked into the servers to pull up data on where you need to go. You found that the labs you’re looking for are on Floor 27. You managed to crack the lock on the door to the stairs and started heading up to that floor. Once there you thoroughly searched the lab and all the offices and computers and found a number of e-mails discussing something called Project 2231 which is never described in detail, but is hinted at that it’s only being worked on in a black site off in the Antarctic and has something to do with cleaning up the Chicago Containment Zone. You found other e-mails that discussed a break in attempt earlier this week when a troll was seen trying to get access to restricted areas, asking people about research labs and directed energy weapons. He was later caught on camera entering the building wearing a custodial uniform but got away before Knight Errant could arrest him. Furthermore you did find information on a droid the lab is working on to compete in Desert Wars that mentioned both the auto repair ciruits, the laser prototype as well as a form of AI they were using to have the drones make tactical decisions on their own, though further investigation indicated they had scrapped the AI for the time being when drones started ignoring administrator orders. Lastly you found evidence that Ares had redacted much of the original research for their first Laser Prototype and didn’t want even their own scientists getting into it.

After thoroughly searching the offices, planting the data in Dr. Taylor’s terminal and in the lab security camera servers, as well as trying but failing to crack the passcode safe in the lab, you tried to go through the door marked “Main Laboratory”, where you saw a short hallway with a full body scanner leading to a thick glass door beyond which was a massive lab. However on the right wall of this hallway was a security station, and three knight errant guards looked at you in confusion. That is where we left off.

The Killer Uncovered and Geomantic Sabotage
A Little Mayhem Never Hurt Anyone

The group descended into the sewers looking for further clues about the killer in the Whampoan Garden. While exploring the sewers you found a pendant caught in the storm drains of a bird which you identified as a magpie. You also found a maintenance room where there was a pallet stacked neatly with body parts. One of which you identified as the arm of a Russian mobster. Further investigation led you to a larger room off of the storm drains filled with crates and two heavily armed gangers speaking Russian. You took it on yourself to kill them and go through their stuff wherein you learned that they had discovered the body of a woman in the storm drains, she had nothing of value on her but a storage key. You found the key on the body of one of them. From there you went back up to the surface to investigate magpie’s storage locker. In it you found some of the stuff that had been missing from her shop and apartment.

While searching through her stuff you were approached by a grey skinned humanoid creature with pale white eyes dressed in heavy cybernetic armor styled after samurai armor, with two katana on his back. He introduced himself as Gaichu, you recognized him as a ghoul. He told you a story of how he had come to live here in the Gardens since it was away from the prying eyes of civilization. However their tech shaman sensed his presence and found him. Elder Ng approached him and came with a proposition on behalf of the other elders. They asked for his help in getting rid of one of the other Elders, Magpie, who had been causing them a lot of problems and blocking their plans. Gaichu had agreed to this. Per their arrangement, Magpie was to disappear without a trace. He killed her, disposed of her blood in her shower drain and cut her up and brought the pieces into the storm drain. When it was done they were to meet in the parking garage for his payment. The Elders cleared the garage out on some pretense and he waited for them there. But instead the Hong Kong Police Force arrived, very heavily armed and armored, obviously having known something of his nature. He killed them all. He couldn’t let such disrespect stand. He began systematically eliminating the Elders. Either they would eventually pay him his due, or they would all die. Gaichu then asked that you confront the Elders with him. He would either be paid his due, or he would have the Elders’ heads.

You eventually agreed to this plan and confronted the Elders. An informal trial was held as all the Elders were accused of colluding to kill another Elder. Eventually you convinced them that there was sufficient evidence to prosecute the Elders formally and their chief of Security took them off to be judged and you got Gaichu his payment. He came back with you to work for Kindly Cheng.

When you got back Kindly informed you that she had gotten a bug inside the HKPF Special Duties unit, so if anyone mentions anything about Duncan or the Plastic Faced Man, you would know.

In the mean time she set you up with another job. Your employer, who wished to remain nameless, wanted it seen to that Wuxing corporation’s luck would turn sour. Feng Shui used to be just an art of decorating, but now in the 6th world, it is serious business. Chi is a real force that can be felt and manipulated by the environment. Companies spend a lot of money hiring Geomancers to design their buildings and interiors so that the chi flow is as beneficial as possible. Your Mr. Johnson wants their luck to sour. They’ve asked you to sneak in and make some adjustments to the feng shui in the tower. Minor, subtle adjustments that could be missed. Normally even the smallest change could be noticed, which is why they also asked you to set off some explosives on the rooftop zen garden. That will be the distraction that will leave the more subtle adjustments unnoticed.

You acquired some fake SINs and credentials for the cleaning company that contracts with Wuxing and snuck in at midnight. You managed to get in, take out the security at the command center fairly quietly get up to the 45th floor where the top executive offices were and started screwing with the desks and offices and such. Meanwhile Zero set off the explosives on the roof and everyone started running for the ground floor…


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