The Walled City

(The following is common knowledge to anyone from Hong Kong)

The Walled City was a social works project that started out as a way for the higher ups and the corp execs to pat themselves on the back and show the citizens of Hong Kong how generous they were. It was intended as a solution to the homeless problem. It was to be quality, cheap housing to get the poor off the streets.

Shortly after it was built and the hype died down, everything went south. Maintenance was not kept up, gangs moved in, security moved out, and before long the Walled City became the slum to end all slums, a hive of beggars, criminals, BTL junkies, prostitutes, and ganglords.

The Walled City itself is only about 3.5 km across, but is almost 500 meters tall and is composed of over 50 levels of apartments and alleys and abandoned stores. The whole place is a veritable maze now with some hallways collapsed, and the occasional staircase leading to nowhere.

The Walled City

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