Shadowrun Terminology

BTL – Better Than Life, aka beetles, and zombie chips, are an addictive form of simsense chip, generally illegal as they typically have the peak controls turned off.

Chipped – n. Senses, skills, reflexes, muscles, etc, enhanced by cyberware.

Chrome – n. Cyberware, especially the obvious metal looking kind.

Chummer – n. Friend, often used in the same sense as “pal” or “buddy”

Deck – n. a Cyberdeck v. To use a cyberdeck, usually illegally

Deckhead – n. Simsense abuser

Dump – v. To be involuntarily forced out of the Matrix

Dumpshock – n. The painful sensation of being forcibly ejected from the Matrix while in full sim.

Frag – v. Common swear word referring to the act of copulation

Geek – v. To kill

Halfer – n. A dwarf

Ice – n. Security Software. From Intrusion Countermeasures, or IC

Meat – n. A physical body, pertaining to the physical world (as opposed to the matrix)

Meatspace – n. The physical world

Mojo – n. Magic, a spell, magical ability

Mr. Johnson – n. refers to an anonymous employer or corporate agent.

Nutrisoy – n. Cheaply processed food product derived from soybeans

Nuynen – n. The world’s standard currency

Omae – n. A close friend, usually used sarcastically.

Pixie – n. (vulgar) An elf. An elf poser

Samurai – n. Mercenary or muscle for hire. Implies an honor code or a good reputation.

Scrip – n. Currency that is not nuyen, usually referring to currency issued by a megacorp

Simsense – n. A sensory broadcast or recording that lets the viewer feel and experience what the participants feel and experience.

SIN – n. System Identification Number. Indentification number assigned to each person in the society.

SINless – adj. Lacking a SIN

SINner – n. A person with a SIN

Soykaf – n. Ersatz coffee substitute made from soybeans.

Sprawl – n. A metroplex

Squishy – n. (vulgar) term used by Trolls and Orks to refer to humans, elves and dwarves.

Trideo – n. Three dimensional successor to video. Trid for short.

Trog – n. (vulgar) An ork or troll

Wagemage – n. A magician employed by a corporation

Wageslave – n. a low-level corporate employee

Wetwork – n. Assassination. Murder.

Wiz – adj. Wonderful, excellent.

Shadowrun Terminology

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