Shadows of The Walled City

Into Darkness - Your First Mission
The plot thickens

For the Seattle-natives, this was your first mission for Kindly Cheng. You were to deliver a message to an enforcer named Strangler Li who had gone rogue within the walled city. However, she wanted you to do this without killing anyone preferably, and especially not killing Li.

With your mission in hand you made your way into the walled city. Within the city you all noticed a palpable sense of dread and unease. Those of you magically attuned could sense that the area was thick with negative energy and bad chi. You made your way up to Li’s hideout where you managed to get past the guards with one part charm and two parts mind controlling sorcery.

You delivered the message to Li which was a trid recording of Kindly, who mentioned that she had evidence to prove that he was stealing from the other Yellow Lotus bosses and laundering the money through a noodle shop. Li, obviously a bit perturbed by this agreed to return to Kindly Cheng’s fold.

With the job completed, you made your way back to Heoi where you again met with Cheng. This time, as you went back to the Mahjong parlor, you encountered a Hong Kong Police officer on his knees and bleeding who Cheng was in the middle of questioning. Here Cheng told you that she had found this police officer trying to sneak into Heoi. The officer said that he didn’t know much about you all, just that someone very high up has called for your death. Someone on the council. The council is the 8 CEOs of the most powerful corps in Hong Kong that rule the entire city. They are the most powerful people in the city.

Cheng also showed you a news trid that she had found which told of another member of the “white star” terrorist organization who had a shoot out with police in a local noodle shop not far from where you had been attacked on that same night. They showed a picture of a man you recognized as Duncan and said that he had been a White Star leader who was killed in the shoot out. From that Kindly had also managed to dig up some security camera footage from that same noodle shop on the night of the shooting. The footage showed an older man you recognized as Duncan and two security guards with him, sitting at the table. A group of men in black walked into the noodle shop led by a man in an expensive suit with a sort of shiny flexible plastic face, as though his entire face had been replaced with high end cyberware. Duncan stood and muzzle flashes erupted and a stray bullet took out the camera before the feed goes dark. From this you all concluded that Duncan knew something he wasn’t supposed to know and someone wanted him dead. They must have discovered that he’d contacted you and are eliminating anyone tied to him. Kindly offered you this deal, stay on with her, be her shadowrunners as she had need of new blood. And in return she would use her contacts and influence within Hong Kong to help find out what happened to Duncan, why the council wants you all dead and hopefully put an end to this before it takes Heoi down with it. You accepted.

The next day she had a new mission for you. The Whampoans, a group of techno fetishists and matrix worshippers produce and sell a lot of tech on the black market. They pay well for the Yellow Lotus’ protection in keeping the police and other interested parties out of their territory. Recently a killer has been systematically eliminating their Elders. They’ve asked Cheng to take care of it or there will be no one left to pay their protection moneys. Cheng has sent you.

Upon arrival in the Whampoan Gardens you spoke with the elders. They told you that the killings started a couple weeks ago. Thus far Elders Gan, Yatunde, Nakamura, and just today Elder Tong had been killed. All were torn apart. You were given access to Elder Tong’ shop who was just killed last night. Within you saw a slaughterhouse of carnage. Tong’s head had been severed by a sharp powerful blade, and then it appears that his skin was flayed off and limbs and organs shredded apart all over the place post mortem. The magically attuned ones of you sensed that there were no lingering feelings of hatred or anger or fear. It seemed Tong never saw it coming and whoever did it held no malice. There was only a lingering sense of satisfaction. This led you to believe this was either a cold, emotionless psychopath, or a hired killer. You also found that his safe had been emptied but not tampered with, so it was by someone who had a key. You also found that he had a lab set up for creating BTL sims where he was cooking up brain fryingly intense BTL chips. However many of the chip modules and bays were missing.

From there you also spoke with a surgeon who has performed the initial autopsies and was previously investigating the murders before they became serial murders. He told you that Yatunde and Nakamura both looked like their heads had been literally wrenched off which would have taken tremendous strangth and that Gan’s looked like it was ripped off by something with fangs, thought it might be devil rats, but it was too large for that. Had to have been something humanoid. The surgeon, Zippy, also mentioned another Elder the others had failed to mention, a woman by the name of Magpie. Apparently she was not very well liked. She had a very surly disposition, was often contrary and argumentative. She’d had some argument recently with the other Elders. Nakamura had wanted to expand the private trid business and Magpie called it a waste of bandwith on trivial bullshit. Despite her unpopularity, they needed her skills and her contacts. She disappeared about a month ago though, and Elder Ng has been taking over her responsibilities.

You spoke to the Elders and got access to Magpie’s shop and apartment, though you were warned to not break anything or turn the servers off. You also noticed that Elder Tang tensed slightly at the mention of Magpie. While investigating Magpie’s shop you found that there was some blood stains around the drain in the shower as though someone disposed of blood there. Her lock box had been tampered with and emptied. While leaving Magpie’s shop you were approached by a middle aged man who told you he was a former NYPD CSI detective freelancing in Hong Kong. The Elders had asked him to investigate the murders originally, but they couldn’t afford his asking price. He was a thaumaturgist who use magical assensing to investigate crimes. Aside from going over what you already knew, he also mentioned that there was an odd similarity to an event that happened about a month ago. There was a shoot out between the Hong Kong Police and something inside the parking garage. Whatever it was wielded a long sharp blade as all the police were all killed by cuts, no bullet wounds. While this was happening, Paprika searched for video surveillance of the killings. She found that no footage existed. It appeared that either the cameras were turned off or the power was cut as the files were not deleted, they simply didn’t exist.

Upon further investigation of the parking garage incident, you found that a group of Whampoans had been squatting there, but were all driven out by ghosts or something haunting the area. Shortly after that the Hong Kong Police showed up seeking something, the Elders didn’t ask, but let them in. There was a battle, the police were killed and the elders didn’t allow any more police in, just delivered the bodies back to the rest of the HKPF. Not long after that the Red Spear gang took up residence in the parking garage, apparently with the permission of the Whampoan Elders. While sneaking about the garage you found tons of blood stains on the first floor of the garage, slash marks from a long sharp blade all around the walls, and a piece of ferro plastic that looked like it was broken off a piece of armor. The plastic had writing on it which you determined was Japanese and had the logo of Renraku, a Japanese security and arms corp.

You then sought out some of the former squatters and asked them about the “hauntings” in the parking garage. One boy told you about this thing that he had seen in the storm drains. Large, hunched over with beady red eyes. He couldn’t give a more specific description as he got only a quick look before running.

From here you decided it was time to head into the storm drains to investigate. We left off with the group of you

Into the Lion's Den
When the shadows met the SINners, and everything went to hell.

Giuseppe, Natasha, and Boris arrived in Hong Kong following a cryptic message from their foster father Duncan Wu. He said little besides that his past had caught up to him, he had few allies and almost no one he could trust. His message gave a date and time to meet him in Hong Kong and enough nuyen wired for the trip.

However, when you arrived in Hong Kong, the dockmaster was gone and there was no one around to let you in. Duncan was not there and there was no response on comms. You found another way in through a construction zone where you spied but did not approach a group of gangers that appeared to be smuggling something off on a speedboat. After this you followed them to a hole that had been carved out of the wall between the Docks and the city of Hong Kong itself. The gangers disappeared into the crowd but across the street you spied a group of heavily armed individuals who appeared a bit out of place. After an initially tense confrontation, the two groups realized they were here for the same person. Giuseppe and the twins were looking for Duncan and apparently Reginald and Loki were hired by Duncan. But before they could discuss the details or even ask what Duncan had hired Shadowrunners for, an eerie quiet fell over the street as though the whole block had shut down and cleared out.

As you were about to investigate, two sniper shots rang out and both Gutshot and Is0bel’s heads exploded in gore. Meanwhile outside the alley the sound of helicopters and sirens grew louder as a voice over a bullhorn shouted for you to come out. Gobbet quickly told you she had an exit for you and sped off, telling everyone to follow, which you did, with Giuseppe picking off the sniper and Reginald taking down a helicopter as you did. Once you got down into the sewers you had a moment to regroup. Gobbet found a newscast on her commlink that showed all of your faces and identified Giuseppe, Boris, and Natasha as members of the White Star terrorist organization and Gobbet, Loki, and Reginald as their Hong Kong based accomplices. Realizing that you had all been set up together and that if one of you goes down you all will nowx Gobbey insisted that the SINners go meet Kindly Cheng and arranged for their SINs to be erased.

Cheng agreed to do this for you in return for completing a job for her. She asked you to deliver a message to one of her enforcers who has gone rogue within the Walled City.


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