Reginald Stokes Merriweather "Reggie"


A well-dressed dwarf with red hair and beard. He often wears long sleeves to cover his prison tattoos. His blue eyes are friendly until someone threatens him.


Reginald grew up living off the grid trying to eke out a living with his mother, never knowing who his father was. As a juvenile he stole a car as part of a gang initiation. The police chase that ensued resulted in Reggie killing a child. He was sentenced as an adult due to the media stirring up a frenzy. In prison he was abused by guards and his fellow inmates alike. Reggie made a deal with the Yellow Lotus Triad to train him in magics so he could defend himself and when he got out he would use what he learned in their service. The wizard who trained him exacted his own price, something Reggie never talks about. Upon leaving he worked with a crew for many years before being assigned to Gutshot for the past six months.

Reginald Stokes Merriweather "Reggie"

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