The Mischief Maker


21 year old human of mixed Scandinavian and Chinese descent.
With blonde wild shoulder length hair, blue eye and a slight frame.


Loki is the son of a Norwegian Ares soldier and a local Chinese woman. Both parents were zealous members of Humanis. This is no doubt why Loki was left on the docks of Heoi and dreclared him dead at the age of 5 when he awakened.

In his dreams Loki is often visited by a hooded old man with an eye patch. This old man is the one who taught him how to read & write, language, basic arithmetic and of course how to see and manipulate the ley-lines. Still when Loki woke up he was alone. Loki survived Heoi by stealing, causing general mischief and staying out of the Triad’s way.

One day when Loki was 10 years old he got a little to bold and an attempt to steal from Kindly Cheng went horrible wrong. As Cheng was considering how to kill Loki a big troll mercanary, came and and talked Cheng down and promised to look after the “Little Trickster”. Cheng agreed and the troll, Gutshot, dragged Loki way.

Gutshot was the one who named him Loki, after the Norse god of mischief. when Loki asked why Gutshot helped him, Gutshot replied “because Odin told me to” as he place a Valknut (Odin’s Knot) pendent around Loki’s neck. Loki has work as a member of Gutshot’s runner crew ever since.


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