Giuseppe "Zero" Mali

A tall austere elf, with flowing blond hair tied back in a pony tail


Mali is a security specialist at an unrated Seattle-based shipping company. Taught by the school of hard knocks, his trust is not easily gained but he is a valuable ally to have. Skilled with a sniper and silent in movement, he goes where where no others dare. He is more comfortable behind the scope of a rifle than talking face to face.


Giuseppe Mali grew up working for street gangs as far back as he remembers. Duncan Wu found him, took him off the streets, and got him his work in security where he flourished. However Mali was quickly growing too big for his unrated company. He had received a job offer at Ares to be a “Security” trainer in their North Western North America Headquarters. However less than a month after starting work at Ares Macrotechnology NW he was called away to Hong Kong on personal matters.

Giuseppe "Zero" Mali

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