Shadows of The Walled City

The Laser Heist - Framing the Red Dragon

We began with everyone running for the ground floor to get out of Wuxing tower after the bomb went off on the roof and security and police started to converge on the building. Through a series of running down stairs, jumping out windows and rappelling down the neighboring building, you all managed to make it to the ground floor without too much damage. Five Spice, Paprika, and Gobbet barged out of the parking garage in the armored van while everyone else made their way through the alley to the next street over. Through a series of physics-defying maneuvers in the massive van, you managed to get everyone into the moving vehicle and lose your pursuit.

Back at Heoi you turned in the job, got your money and got some rest. The next day as you sat down for breakfast, Gobbet started to ask you all about Duncan. You discussed what he was like growing up, and Gobbet described to you a very different man who had come to them for the escort into the Walled City. She told you of how he seemed broken, nervous, constantly tired as though he hardly ever slept. Always with bags under his eyes, stammering to himself. She mentioned he would often mumble nonsense about the Walled City, something about thousands of teeth and spiraling void. One phrase that came up several times was “I left Prosperity in there”. After your little chat, Kindly Cheng called you down to the Mahjong Parlor with an urgent message.

You went to the parlor to find Cheng in a good mood. She was smiling and drinking. This put everyone on edge because it’s very unlike her. She then showed you a clip of a conversation she had intercepted via the bug she got in the Special Duties Unit of the HKPF. The conversation was between the Plastic Faced man and an Inspector Krait of the HKPF Special Duties Unit. Through the conversation you learned that a woman named Josephine was responsible for calling down the hit on you and that the Plastic Faced Man was her agent. Kindly Cheng filled in the gap and advised you it was Josephine Tsang of Tsang Mechanical Services. From Cheng you learned Tsang Mechanical services was a no name company until Josephine married into the Tsang family where she fought for and won the contract to rebuild Kowloon Walled City. Their fortunes rose high and Josephine landed a spot on the Executive Council. She’s not sure what the connection is, but she doesn’t think it’s a coincidence that after Duncan wanted to hire Shadowrunners to get into the Walled City, that the woman in charge of building the thing is trying to eliminate Duncan and everyone tied to him. Cheng mentioned that she has a personal grudge against Josephine but declined to elaborate. She also mentioned that unfortunately Josephine was untouchable right now, but the Plastic Face Man is not. He is going to be your next target. She is going to keep looking for info on this man now.

Afterwards Gobbet filled in a few of the blanks for you regarding Auntie Cheng’s personal grudge. She told you that the Yellow Lotus has always acted as tax collectors within the Walled City, so Cheng and Josephine must have had a business relationship. Cheng had a plan to cut out the squabbled between the various factions in the Walled City and consolidate power. She brought the plan to Josephine and they ran with it. Both women had to jump through a lot of hoops and if it worked, Cheng was on track to be the next 438, which is a big deal in the Yellow Lotus. Josephine went behind Cheng’s back though and brought the plan to Cheng’s boss Wong Lun Fat. The two then cut Cheng out of her own plan. Gobbet suspects that Josephine feared Cheng, whereas Wong Lun Fat was more of a pushover.

After some shopping and down time you received both a new job and a new recruit to the team. Red Tail, a street samurai on loan from the Yakuza, currently working for the Yellow Lotus as part of a business arrangement. Cheng assigned to your team. You received your next job which was one of your biggest yet. You were hired to steal a laser prototype from Ares Asia Holdings, and frame the Red Dragon triad for its theft. You were to infiltrate the building, plant data in the visitor logs, the lab security cameras and Dr. Taylor’s personal terminal that would show faked visitor logs of Golden Fong (the Red Dragon boss you’re framing) having made several visits, as well as faked security footage to show him in Dr. Taylor’s lab, and forged financial data in Dr. Taylor’s personal terminal to make it seem as though Fong has been bribing Ares for data, the deal went south and that Fong lashed out in retaliation. Ultimately your employer doesn’t care what you do with the laser as all they need is the GPS tracker that’s within it as that will be planted deep in Red Dragon territory. While you were leaving for the job, you also were contacted by Racter, the Russian who lives down in the lower levels of the tanker you live on. He asked you to recover a stolen piece of tech that he alleges his former colleagues Dr. Taylor and Hardingham, stole and fled to Hong Kong with. He described them as auto-repair circuits for drones. You agreed on a final price of 4000 nuyen per person for completing this job for him.

You made it to the building, finagled your way past the front desk, but were then stopped and told you needed an escort to take you upstairs. While perusing the visitor area you plugged the data into the visitor terminals, and Paprika hacked into the servers to pull up data on where you need to go. You found that the labs you’re looking for are on Floor 27. You managed to crack the lock on the door to the stairs and started heading up to that floor. Once there you thoroughly searched the lab and all the offices and computers and found a number of e-mails discussing something called Project 2231 which is never described in detail, but is hinted at that it’s only being worked on in a black site off in the Antarctic and has something to do with cleaning up the Chicago Containment Zone. You found other e-mails that discussed a break in attempt earlier this week when a troll was seen trying to get access to restricted areas, asking people about research labs and directed energy weapons. He was later caught on camera entering the building wearing a custodial uniform but got away before Knight Errant could arrest him. Furthermore you did find information on a droid the lab is working on to compete in Desert Wars that mentioned both the auto repair ciruits, the laser prototype as well as a form of AI they were using to have the drones make tactical decisions on their own, though further investigation indicated they had scrapped the AI for the time being when drones started ignoring administrator orders. Lastly you found evidence that Ares had redacted much of the original research for their first Laser Prototype and didn’t want even their own scientists getting into it.

After thoroughly searching the offices, planting the data in Dr. Taylor’s terminal and in the lab security camera servers, as well as trying but failing to crack the passcode safe in the lab, you tried to go through the door marked “Main Laboratory”, where you saw a short hallway with a full body scanner leading to a thick glass door beyond which was a massive lab. However on the right wall of this hallway was a security station, and three knight errant guards looked at you in confusion. That is where we left off.


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