Shadows of The Walled City

The Killer Uncovered and Geomantic Sabotage

A Little Mayhem Never Hurt Anyone

The group descended into the sewers looking for further clues about the killer in the Whampoan Garden. While exploring the sewers you found a pendant caught in the storm drains of a bird which you identified as a magpie. You also found a maintenance room where there was a pallet stacked neatly with body parts. One of which you identified as the arm of a Russian mobster. Further investigation led you to a larger room off of the storm drains filled with crates and two heavily armed gangers speaking Russian. You took it on yourself to kill them and go through their stuff wherein you learned that they had discovered the body of a woman in the storm drains, she had nothing of value on her but a storage key. You found the key on the body of one of them. From there you went back up to the surface to investigate magpie’s storage locker. In it you found some of the stuff that had been missing from her shop and apartment.

While searching through her stuff you were approached by a grey skinned humanoid creature with pale white eyes dressed in heavy cybernetic armor styled after samurai armor, with two katana on his back. He introduced himself as Gaichu, you recognized him as a ghoul. He told you a story of how he had come to live here in the Gardens since it was away from the prying eyes of civilization. However their tech shaman sensed his presence and found him. Elder Ng approached him and came with a proposition on behalf of the other elders. They asked for his help in getting rid of one of the other Elders, Magpie, who had been causing them a lot of problems and blocking their plans. Gaichu had agreed to this. Per their arrangement, Magpie was to disappear without a trace. He killed her, disposed of her blood in her shower drain and cut her up and brought the pieces into the storm drain. When it was done they were to meet in the parking garage for his payment. The Elders cleared the garage out on some pretense and he waited for them there. But instead the Hong Kong Police Force arrived, very heavily armed and armored, obviously having known something of his nature. He killed them all. He couldn’t let such disrespect stand. He began systematically eliminating the Elders. Either they would eventually pay him his due, or they would all die. Gaichu then asked that you confront the Elders with him. He would either be paid his due, or he would have the Elders’ heads.

You eventually agreed to this plan and confronted the Elders. An informal trial was held as all the Elders were accused of colluding to kill another Elder. Eventually you convinced them that there was sufficient evidence to prosecute the Elders formally and their chief of Security took them off to be judged and you got Gaichu his payment. He came back with you to work for Kindly Cheng.

When you got back Kindly informed you that she had gotten a bug inside the HKPF Special Duties unit, so if anyone mentions anything about Duncan or the Plastic Faced Man, you would know.

In the mean time she set you up with another job. Your employer, who wished to remain nameless, wanted it seen to that Wuxing corporation’s luck would turn sour. Feng Shui used to be just an art of decorating, but now in the 6th world, it is serious business. Chi is a real force that can be felt and manipulated by the environment. Companies spend a lot of money hiring Geomancers to design their buildings and interiors so that the chi flow is as beneficial as possible. Your Mr. Johnson wants their luck to sour. They’ve asked you to sneak in and make some adjustments to the feng shui in the tower. Minor, subtle adjustments that could be missed. Normally even the smallest change could be noticed, which is why they also asked you to set off some explosives on the rooftop zen garden. That will be the distraction that will leave the more subtle adjustments unnoticed.

You acquired some fake SINs and credentials for the cleaning company that contracts with Wuxing and snuck in at midnight. You managed to get in, take out the security at the command center fairly quietly get up to the 45th floor where the top executive offices were and started screwing with the desks and offices and such. Meanwhile Zero set off the explosives on the roof and everyone started running for the ground floor…


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