Shadows of The Walled City

Laser Heist - Conclusion

When you opened the door to the main lab and were accosted by security, you luckily managed to take them out rather quickly before they could pull any alarms. You even managed to fool the main security desk when they called to ask what the noise was from your floor. However they did indicate they were going to send someone from maintenance up to check on it.

You got into the lab and found the laser prototype. It was at this point that a massive explosion rocked the building and a wall on the other side of the glass wall leading out the back of the lab caved in and a heavily armed group of riff raff came through. You soon discovered this was another shadowrunning crew and they had gone up to Dr. Taylor’s penthouse, figuring he might keep a key to the lab there. However when they tried to use the keycard the found to get into the lab with you, it didn’t work. With alarms going off and Knight Errant on their way, you agreed to let them in in exchange for the keycard they found (which you later found went to the safe in the private lab which contained the auto repair circuits that Racter had asked you for. You held off security at the elevator until you could get the doors open and make your escape down the shaft, managing to shut off the poison gas they were filling the floor with as well.

When you got to the basement and had a minute to catch your breath, the other crew, led by a half-orc decker named Bull, told you they needed the laser. They needed the money to help get some of their friends out of the Chicago CZ. They knew you only needed the GPS and convinced you to let the laser go while you kept the GPS, with Bull offering his promise he’d return the favor for you. The group was split on what to do, until Zero took it on himself to walk away and drop a nausea grenade, at which point the massive troll with their group punched Zero out and made one last offer to hand over the laser. The rest of the group, realizing they were already somewhat beat up from the fight upstairs decided to let this go and Bull left with the laser after giving you his comm number and promising to pay you back.

You then went your separate ways as you made for the old MTR station connected to the basement. As you were about to head down the tunnel you ran into yet another shadowrunning crew, this time led by a troll who Paprika recognized as the troll from the security briefings she’d found who had tried twice, unsuccessfully, on the same day to get into the lab. He demanded the laser from you, but you eventually managed to convince him that you had given it away. He grumbled and almost looked as if he was going to shoot you anyways but then ran off in the direction of the other group.

Returning to Heoi you got your money both from Kindly and from Racter and settled in for some rest and recuperation. The next day Gobbet approached you all and advised that she had found some troubling info turned up by one of Is0bel’s data mining programs she had had searching for anything on Duncan, Josephine Tsang, or Tsang Mechanical.

What she found was this: Josephine had a vision to rebuild the Walled city to create clean, affordable housing for the poor. She called it Prosperity project. The government loved it as it kept the unwashed masses out of the public eye. Securing that contract catapulted Tsang Mechanical into the big time and eventually landed Josephine a seat on the Executive council. That’s where Edward Tsang comes in. Edward Tsang, they found, was actually the real name of Duncan Wu. Edward is the only son of Josephine and her late husband. Edward was in charge of laying the groundwork for the walled city, plumbing, excavation, sewage, utilities and the like. Paprika, Zero and Boris knew this didn’t sound right as the Duncan they knew couldn’t have even fixed a clogged toilet. Gobbet indicated that’s what he officially was in charge of. From the sounds of it the truth of his involvement was likely something else then, something they wanted to keep secret for whatever reason.

Whatever he was doing, Edward disappeared from public eye shortly after Prosperity was complete. The question now remains what would make him want to go back now after all these years?

As you mulled over all this throughout the next day and a half or so, you also got a message from Crafty Xu, the talismonger in Heoi, who came to you as it seems the nightmares in Heoi have been affecting magically sensitive people most and Crafty had been doing some digging on the source. Her mother had studied the Walled City extensively before going stark raving mad and committing suicide. With the nightmares getting stronger, Crafty has been going through her mother’s notes, she shared with you what she had found. First she mentioned an archway rumored to be haunted in the Walled City that her mother had sought to investigate. Her means of investigation was to conduct a Taoist exorcism. Whatever happened there something profounsly powerful touched her during this process and broke her. Her mind splintered and the was never the same after. The rest of her notes indicate an interest with something called Yama Kings. Any resident of Hong Kong would have heard of the name, they are boogeymen, ghost stories used to scare children. Crafty’s mother determined that the Walled City had their own set of Yama Kings different than the traditional ones.
There are three that her Mom knew of: Lam Vy, Fu Mang, and Qian Ya. Each Yama King is associated with the negative energy on which they feed: Lam Vy feeds from cowards, Fu Mang from the guilty, and Qian Ya, slaves

Crafty couldn’t make out a whole lot else as her handwriting and coherency declined considerably, but she forwarded you a copy of her mother’s notes for you to peruse. (see media library, Crafty’s Notes)


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