Shadows of The Walled City

Helping the Whistleblower - Part 1

(apologies for the late update)

After meeting with Crafty and perusing her mother’s notes, you concluded, much as Crafty did, that her mother was batshit crazy. Any useful information contained in her notes would require further substantiating evidence to be of any use. You spent a day or two shopping and gearing up before you decided to try and head into the Walled City to discover the haunted archway that Crafty Xu had mentioned her mother had found and which had broken her mind. Those of you not gifted in the arts of magic hunkered in the van as you drove your way through the crowded, broken streets of the City, while the mages went into the astral plane to investigate there. What you found in the astral plane was that the Walled City is so densely packed with negative Qi, that it was hard to pick out anything other than the oppressive weight of overwhelming despair. Moving through the astral plane within the Walled City was like trying to swim through inky black muddy water. You couldn’t quite pinpoint a source of all the negativity, but it seemed to be more concentrated towards the center. However, before you could further investigate, you were called back to Heoi by Kindly with another job.

Kindly has been contacted by a member of the Eastern Tiget corporation. The man’s name is Tigath Wright. Until recently he was a researcher on a genetic engineering project. He did not give a lot of details, but Kindly gathers that it centered around altering metahuman traits. It seems Wright has got a conscience, and he’s willing to pay to have his conscience assuaged. Wright’s project was apparently quite horrible -experiments on live children, total disregard for biomedical ethics or safety, and when Wright raised concerns, he was taken off the project. He’s decided to step outside the bounds of the law and expose their ‘wrongdoing’ to the world. However, his wife and child live in Seoul. He’s afraid that if he releases the information himself, they’ll be taken prisoner and used as leverage. The samples and data are currently on an Eastern Tiger cargo ship – the MV Nalchi – sailing near Hong Kong, on their way to Seoul. You were contracted to board the ship and steal the data nd the samples. Once you have them, you’re to call Wright. He’ll give you instructions on how he wants the information leaked.

And so you hopped onto Captain Jomo’s little speed boat to go play pirate. He managed to get you onto the ship, hidden mostly by the storm, where you climbed onto the top deck and systematically made your way towards the stairs, taking out guards as you went. You made your way down to the deck that the research lab is on. You surprised a couple guards eating lunch with a fireball. You hacked into the ship’s systems to set off a fire alarm on another deck as a distraction, and you’ve tapped into their cameras. That was where we left you.


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